Zero Point Foods - a real bonus for people watching their weight


Zero Point Food Mexican Vegetable Soup


Weight Watchers (TM!) Mexican Vegetable Soup - piquant, savoury, aromatic - and a zero-point recipe!

Weight Watchers invented a method of teaching dieters what and how much to eat via a "points" system.  Depending on starting weight and build, a certain number of points are allocated to be consumed throughout the day.

Of course, if you wanted, you could consume your daily points allocation in one giant lunchtime of a chocolate shake and a burger, but better to spread your allocation across the day.  Weight Watchers will tell you how many points you can have each day, or you can calculate it here.

Given that you only have a certain number of points for the day, and blowing them in one meal might be fun (but will likely lead to hunger and "cheating" later) being able to bulk up a meal or two at little cost can be a great idea.

Some foods are designated "zero point" by Weight Watchers.  There are also "one point" foods, but it is human nature to be attracted by a filling meal at no "cost" to our precious daily points allocation.  The zero point foods are mainly vegetables, which might seem bland initially, but there a number of classic filling tasty meals which have been developed using only these zero point items.

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